MERX Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) allows for the online submission of bids when enabled by a buyer for a specific opportunity. It is a fast, secure and fully audited environment in which you can upload your bid documents directly to the buying organization.

To submit a bid, your organization must have an authorized signer PIN. The authorized signer is someone within your organization who has the authority to bind your company to each and every term, condition, article and obligation of the bid and any resultant contract.

Only ONE authorized signer permitted per organization. This individual is not required to be the person placing the order, nor does this individual have to be a MERX subscriber. You can change the signer at any time by using this sign up form again.

Fill out the required fields in the form to receive your PIN. Creating an authorized signer PIN may take up to 1 business day.
Please plan accordingly.

There are 2 ways to submit your bid online. 

1. Through our legacy MERX platform or;
2. Through our new MERX4 platform.

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1-800-964-6379 (MERX)

Monday to Friday 7 AM to 8 PM ET


1-800-964-MERX (6379)

Get Started With Electronic Bid Submission
Sign up here for your Authorized Signer Pin 

Electronic Bidding allows for paperless bidding. 
No more paying for large printing jobs!

Working from a Remote Location?
Save on courier and travel fees to get your bid in on time!

Your bid is safe!
The buying organization will not see your submission until after the closing date & time.

Fully audited environment
Fast and secure for you to upload your bid documents directly to the Buying Organization.

Learn how to submit your bid
Watch one of our tutorials

This tutorial will guide you through the process of submitting your bid online through our legacy MERX platform. 

Find out if an opportunity is EBS enabled through the details found in the Opportunity Abstract or Notice Description.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of submitting your bid online through the new MERX Platform, referred to as MERX4.

Once logged into your account on, click "Bid Management M4" from the left navigation menu then, follow the instructions from the tutorial found by clicking the red button above.

Find out how to submit from either system by watching our helpful tutorials.
See below...

*** Be advised that by March 2017, all buying organizations will have migrated to the new MERX platform.