April 26, 2018 marks the end of the MERX Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) PIN for a more simplified EBS experience.

Just in case you wandered over to this page, this notification is to make you aware that you no longer require an EBS PIN for your organization to submit a bid online through the MERX service.

Moving forward, when you submit a bid electronically, you will simply require your full name and the password you use to login to your MERX account. This feature is very common now as buying organizations move toward paperless options in their procurement requirements to reduce their carbon footprint.

The biggest advantage of EBS is that you can submit your bid close to the date and time of closing. However we still highly recommend that you allow time for uploading your documents (if any). Try to upload your documents at least 1 to 2 hours before to avoid any problems. This also allows you extra time to fix any errors that may have occurred in your submission.

The buying organization will not have access to your documents or quote until after the closing time. This is a safeguarding element that keeps the process open and fair for all bidding companies.

Enjoy our new simplified online bid submissions starting Thursday, April 26! 

**All bid submissions that are current as of this date, will no longer require the PIN. Always make sure to read the instructions in the Buyer's documents. 

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Electronic Bidding allows for paperless bidding. 
No more paying for large printing jobs!

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The buying organization will not see your submission until after the closing date & time.

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Learn how to submit your bid
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This tutorial will guide you through the process of submitting your bid online through the new MERX Platform, referred to as MERX4.

Once logged into your account on MERX.com, click "Bid Management M4" from the left navigation menu then, follow the instructions from the tutorial found by clicking the red button above.

Find out how to submit from either system by watching our helpful tutorials.
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*** Be advised that by March 2017, all buying organizations will have migrated to the new MERX platform.